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XLIVE Annual Conference & Expo
MGM Grand
Las Vegas, NV
November 17-20, 2019

Michael Fullman

Chief Creative Officer
VT ProDesigns


I started in this industry loving theatre and lighting design. After college I kept learning different technologies and techniques until I just kept touching on all the tools to tell a story through production. In 2012 I joined VT Pro Design and over the years have worked with Artists, Brands, and Agencies to build experiences and stories with all kinds of interactive technology.

I still like to keep my roots in lighting and performance, and have been able to play with both on personal and client projects. Beyond that I'm learning new practices and techniques every day in my pursuit to make moments of wonder for myself.

As a company we continue to learn and create new methods and experiences surrounding the use of interactive technologies, working with brands and clients to develop holistic strategies for communicating real experiences to real people.


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